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Power is an essential part of our daily lives, and this is especially true in our homes. We never stop to think about just how much we rely on electricity… until the power goes out.

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Choosing a generator is a daunting task even for the professionals. Whether you are looking to use a generator as a home backup unit or as a portable generator off the grid, it can be confusing to understand how much power you really need.

Here’s a simple wattage to amperage conversion to see how much power your appliances use:

Amps X Volts = Watts
Watts / Volts = Amps

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Home power backup generator can be used either through a transfer switch, interlock kit, or extension cords

Transfer Switches

• The safest, most effortless way to power your home.
• Automatically switches power over to your generator during an outage. Requires an electrician to install.
• Once you choose which circuits you want to power, you’re locked into your configuration.

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Interlock Kit

• Choose what circuits you want to run.
• Requires an electrician to install, but you have the flexibility of switching up your circuits.
• Hands-on, and electrical knowledge is needed so you don’t overload the generator.

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Extension Cords

• The most straightforward and affordable option
• Zero commitment, no installation needed: Simply plug in your appliances and go!
• Perfect for renters, RV/camping trips, and power on the jobsite.

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Freedom of Fuel Choice

The DuroMax XP13000HXT lets you choose between gasoline, propane or Natural gas. Giving you the freddom of choosing how to power your generator.

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