Generac XG04045ANAC 45kW LC Single Phase Automatic Standby CARB Generator
Generac XG04045ANAC 45kW LC Single Phase Automatic Standby CARB Generator

Generac XG04045ANAC 45kW LC Single Phase Automatic Standby CARB Generator


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Owner's Manual


Wi-Fi Manual



  • Power Zone 410 Controller, NFPA 110 Capable
  • Cellular Connectivity for Mobile Link and Fleet
  • Quiet Operation
  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure & Frame
  • 5 Year/2,000 Hour Limited Warranty
  • Hi Motor Starting, Surge Capacity
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Controller-Selectable Fuel Type - Natural Gas or Propane Vapor
  • 1-Phase or Configurable 3-Phase Voltage Output
  • Single-Side Regular Maintenance Access
  • EPA & SCAQMD Exhaust Emissions Certified
  • As close as 18 in (457 mm) offset distance from structure
What's in The Box
  • 45kW LC Automatic Standby Generator 1-Phase CARB - XG04045ANAC
  • Owners Manual
  • 5-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brand Generac
Generator Output
Voltage XG03245 XG04045
Natural Gas Liquid Propane
Power (kW) Current (A) Power (kW) Current (A)
120/240 1–Phase 32 133 32 133 40 40 139
208/120 3–Phase 32 111 32 111 40 40 120
240/120 3–Phase 32 32 40 40
480/277 3–Phase 32 32 40 40
Voltage Regulation
Type Electronic
Sensing All Phases
Regulation +- 1 percent
Governor Specifications
Type Electronic
Frequency Regulation Isochronous
Steady State Regulation +- 25 percent
Alternator System Specifications
XG03245 XG04045
1-Phase 3-Phase 1-Phase 3-Phase
Voltage Output 120/240 V Only 208/120 V; Configurable for 480/277 or 240/120 V with Optional Field-Installable VCC 120/240 V Only 208/120 V; Configurable for 480/277 or 240/120 V with Optional Field-Installable VCC
Circuit Breaker (CB) Size 150 A Not Included; Optional Field-Installable Kit 200 A Not Included; Optional Field-Installable Kit
Type Synchronous Synchronous
Rotor Insulation Class F F
Stator Insulation Class H H
Telephone Interference Factor (TIF) < 50 < 50
Bearings Sealed Ball Sealed Ball
Coupling Flexible Disc Flexible Disc
Excitation System Direct Direct
Engine Specifications
XG03245 XG04045
Make Generac
Model Inline 4 Cylinder
Cylinders 4
Displacement (L) 4.5
Bore 4.5 in
Stroke 4.25 in
Compression Ratio 9.9:1
Lifter Type Hydraulic
Intake Air System Naturally Aspirated
Temperature Derate 1.5% per every 5°C above 25°C (1.65% per every 10°F above 77°F)
Altitude Derate 1% per every 100 m above 183 m (3% per every 1000 ft above 600 ft)
Exercise Speed (RPM) 1,200
Operating Speed (RPM) 1,800
Cooling System
XG03245 XG04045
Coolant 50/50 (50% Ethylene Glycol)
Coolant System Capacity (L (US gal)) 11 (2.9)
Water Pump Belt–Driven
Fan Type Mechanical
Fan Quantity 1
Maximum Ambient Air Temperature (C (F)) 50 (122)
Fuel Types
XG03245 XG04045
Natural Gas Yes
NG Pressure (kPa (in. WC)) 0.87 – 3.48 (3.5 – 14)
Liquid Propane Yes
LP Vapor Pressue (kPa (in. WC)) 1.74 – 3.48 (7–14)
Fuel Type Configuration Controller-Selected
Fuel Shutoff Solenoid Standard, Dual
Fuel Consumption
Rated Load XG03245 XG04045
Natural Gas Liquid Propane Natural Gas Liquid Propane
(m3/h) (CFH) (m3/h) (CFH) (m3/h) (CFH) (m3/h) (CFH)
25% 4.8 169 8.3 2.2 5.2 184 10 2.6
50% 6.8 240 12.9 3.4 8.2 289 14.5 3.8
75% 9.5 335 15.8 4.2 11.1 392 17.7 4.7
100% 11.5 406 18.5 4.9 14 494 21.7 5.7
Electrical System
System Voltage 12
Battery Charge Alternator (A) 37
Battery Charger (A) 5
Recommended Battery (not included) Group 27R, 725 CCA Minimum
Maximum Allowable Battery Group 31R
This generator provides essential circuit power protection for your home during a power outage, ensuring that essential appliances maintain power. This standby generator is automatic and offers protection year-round, for less than the cost of central air conditioning.
Every Guardian Series home standby generator comes with Mobile Link™ Remote Monitoring. Remote Monitoring is FREE, and allows you to monitor the status of your generator from anywhere in the world. Use a smartphone, PC, or tablet to access generator information, such as the current operating status and maintenance alerts. By connecting your account you have access to authorized service dealers for fast, friendly, and proactive service.
Generac generators are ideal for weathering storms and power outages. Their automatic backup power gives you piece of mind that your home and appliances are protected.
Generac generators and engines are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA using domestic and foreign parts.
The Generac G-Force Engine is built to handle the stressors of generator use. This results in power that’s more reliable and requires less routine maintenance than competitor engines. Generac’s new G-Force engine is purpose built and pressure-lubricated. It features hydraulic lifters, which improve engine performance and extending the life of the product. (Hydraulic lifters only available on the 13 & 16 kW.)