DuroStar DS4400E 4400 Watt 7.0 Hp air cooled OHV gas Generator w/ Electric Start and Wheel Kit


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The DuroStar DS4400E 4,400 Watt Generator is the #1 selling Generator available from DuroStar. It features a fully loaded Power Panel that is the main control center for the Generator. On the Power Panel you can find the RV Switch, Engine Shutoff Switch, Volt Meter, and Circuit Breakers. These units are EPA and CARB approved, and are also safe to use in U.S. National Parks with the quiet exhaust with spark arrestor. It is powered by a 7HP DuroStar Engine which is Air Cooled and able to handle large loads with ease.

This workhorse of the DuroStar line can operate anything from Air Compressors, Air Conditioners to Basic Home Power (lights & fridge). The DS4400E is a tried and true piece of equipment. It is well worth it's weight in gold; as soon as the box is opened you will be amazed at the amount of thought and science that was put into designing this unit. The Generator ships mail-ordered packaged, which means everything is carefully packed within foam; as well the engine, which is braced to prevent shipping damage. No corners have been cut in the manufacturing or assembly of these units.

Only as Strong as Its Core. The DuroStar DS4400E unit features a 7 Horsepower, Air Cooled Engine and is designed with a Low-Oil Shutoff Sensor to protect the Motor. This help maximizes fuel efficiency while minimizing the noise output. Built to offer more power and longer lasting durability, The DuroStar XP4400E Generator has a Cast-Ironed Sleeved, 196cc Engine rated at 7 HP delivering a peak of 4,400 surge watts / 3,500 Constant. This is a sufficient amount of power that can handle an overhead Air Conditioner in a RV to basic house power.

Safe & Reliable Operation for Any User. Designed for Safe and Easy Operation, the XP4400E features a user-friendly, Electric and Recoil Start, that's easier than starting a lawn mower. Solid-Fill tires are also standard, so they will never run flat, and high leverage handles that make it easy to transport over every terrain. The attached oversized noise reducing Muffler has a built-in Spark Arrestor for safe use in mandated camping areas and jobsites.

Easy Out of Box Operation & Peace of Mind. DuroStar Generators all carry a 1 Year Factory Warranty so if for any reason your generator gives you problems simply let us know and we will do our best to make it right. As always FAO offers its 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee standard on every item we sell. All DuroStar Generators are user friendly and are ready to use out of the box within minutes. Simply remove all packaging, assemble the wheels & handles, add Oil and Gas and it is ready to begin producing power.

What Set's DuroStar Generators Apart From The Rest?

  • Powerful: Powerful 7 HP Engine is able to accept high wattage loads with ease.
  • Functionality: This Generator has endless uses; from Home Standby Power, Jobsites to a Weekend with the RV.
  • Safety: Equipped with Low Oil Protection, AC & DC Regulators, and a Spark Arrestor, Your unit will remain safe and in top operating condition.
  • Ease Of Use: This unit was designed to allow anyone to start and operate. This model comes with an easy Electric Start.
  • Electric Start: Simply turn the key and start the Generator.
  • Recoil Start: Simply use the E-Z 1-Pull Recoil Cord to start the Generator.
  • Knowledgeable Service Dept: Our Friendly Technicians know these units inside and out. Have a Technical Question? Give them a call and they will be glad to help you out.
  • Peace of Mind: Rest assured, your buying a quality unit at a low price from one of the largest Generator Sellers on eBay. We meet and exceed strict eBay standards while having the feedback that speaks volumes about these units.
  • RV Switch (Voltage Selector): Allows the user to get maximum power from each of the 120 Volt Receptacle. It also allows the user to choose between operating the Generator at both 120V and 240V simultaneously, or at 120 only with full power. It is recommended that the Voltage Selector switch always be in the 120V position unless 240V is required.


  • Heavy duty frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth quiet operation.
  • Full power panel with oil warning light, volt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets.
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs.
  • Wheel kit with front handle for easy transporting.
  • Low oil shut-off protects engine.
  • Quiet Muffler reduces engine noise.

What's in The Box

  • DuroStar DS4400E Electric Start Generator.
  • Extra large 8" Pneumatic Knobby Style Solid Fill Tires.
  • Flip-Up Stow Away Handles.
  • Generator Tool Kit.
  • DuroStar Operating Manual.


  • 1 Years Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Brand DuroStar
Model DS4400E
Max AC Output (Watts) 4400
Rated AC Output (Watts) 3500
Fuel Tank Capacity (Gallons) 4
Engine 7Hp DuroStar Air Cooled OHV Engine
Low Oil lamp/Shutoff Yes
Start Type Electric and Recoil
Spark Arrestor Yes
Run Time @ 50% Maximum Output (hrs) 8
EPA Approved Yes
CARB Approved Yes
Current (Volts) 120
Amps 30 / 15
Decibels (db) 69
Horsepower (HP) 7
Torque (ft/lb) 9.7
Displacement (cc) 196
120V 20 Amp Standard Receptacles 2
120V/240V 30 Amp Twist Lock Receptacles 1
10A 12V Utility Connection 1
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December 10th, 2016

nice working generator

Needed another generator as backup for water pumps, easy to put together, runs and startup was great with the electric start, would recommend this machine and price was also great.
Catskill, new york
October 25th, 2014

Get Yours Now Great Deals

The poor UPS guy had to carry it up the driveway without the benefit of a hand truck. It's not a lightweight. My friend and I put the whole thing together, including the wheel set in under 1/2 hour. We followed the instructions (which were easy to understand) and had it running in no time. This is my second generator but the first Electric Start one. So much easier! Now I have a back-up one (that will help power neighbors also) and my easy to start electric one (wired into the house circuits). I gave your company name out to many people who would be looking.
April 8th, 2014

Fast-no hassle service

Arrived quickly , easy to assemble , started first try. All in all very happy with product. :-)
Elk Wa.
March 26th, 2014


Bought this last winter ,. And we just lost the power for the 1st time since then,, Everything running just fine,. Generators purring like a kitten ,
Cape Cod
March 19th, 2014

Best Yet

This is the first time in a long time I found a co. that did what they said they would do. Yes this is a great machine. From delivery to set up.Oh so easy to fire up and get running Low noise ,low vibration,I am happy I found your ad.
March 9th, 2014

Great choice

Instructions on how to set up , including removing wheels and shipping brackets very clear .. I have had this for a year now.. I fire it up every month , Fires 1st crank every time .. Very quiet too,. cant stand next to and still talk.. I know guys that bought at harbor freight and they got JUNK!!!! and loud omg LOL they can have them,,
Brewtser Ma.
January 4th, 2014

The prospects are super!!!

Purchased the generator on the risk of future need; thus, have only made trial runs and a demonstration. The demonstration resulted in a friend buying the same generator. This is obviously a quality machine that will serve the needs of temporary power outages for small operations. Also portable enough for supply power at remote locations --- more portability will cost much more!!!
NC Texas
October 9th, 2013

A nice upgrade to electric start.

This item was difficult for me to locate. I finally found what I wanted by relentless browsing. A fine unit. A very reasonable price plus free shipping. It has every convenience and feature I wanted. Quick delivery, everything arrived in good order and condition. Checked it over, put on the wheels and tightened the bolts, filled the crankcase and then the fuel tank. One touch of the starter and away she went. Ran it about ten minutes without load. The next couple of days I ran it for about 15 hrs off and on because of a power pole problem. A legitimate emergency. Everything performed like it's supposed to. I'm a happy, satisfied customer.
Mountain Ranch, CA
October 4th, 2013

Nice quality and value!

The generator arrived promptly. There was very minor dent to the panel near exhaust during shipping, no biggie, was able to bend back myself. Was easy to set up and started first time with the electric start. Runs great! I am using REC90 gas (w/o ethanol) to fuel this one, since my old generator needed carb rebuilt or taken apart several times using 87 octane w/ ethanol. Now my home will have power backup for hurricane outages.
Florida Keys
September 21st, 2013

Duro Star 4400E

I ordered this generator online at 3am on Tuesday and had it on my porch by 5pm Thursday. That's what I call service. Everything was packed nice, no damage. Installed wheel kit, filled with oil and gasoline. Turned on the gas valve, set choke, and presto, when I turned the key it started immediately. I ran it ten minutes. The next morning I started it, hooked it to my submersible well pump, checked the voltage reading under load. It checked out good so I filled the 2500 gal tank and shut it down. Absolutely no problems of any kind. A very solid unit and a super value for the ever shrinking dollar. I thank all parties involved in this transaction.
Mountain Ranch, CA

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    • Item Number: DS4400E
    • Retail Price: $699.99

      Our Price: $399.99