DuroMax 8500 Watt 16.0 Hp Gas Generator w/ Elect Start & Wheel Kit


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Rugged... Durable... Dependable... Power When You Need It!
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Perfect for Power Outages, the Construction Site, Service Trucks & More.

The XP8500E Features:
  • Durable DuroMax 16.0 Hp, air cooled engine w/ recoil and electric start.
  • Heavy duty steel frame with four point fully isolated motor mounts for smooth and quiet operation.
  • Full power panel with oil warning and battery condition lights, key start switch, volt meter, circuit breaker and power outlets.
  • Wheel and handle kit for easy transporting. Now features our new 10-1/2" all-terrain never flat tires. Ever been frustrated when you went to use a hand truck, bicycle, or wheel barrow and found it with a flat tire, this will never be the case with our never flat tires. They offer the flexibility and looks of a pneumatic tire, without the rigidity of a solid tire. This design improves the mobility across both soft ground and hard surfaces.
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs.
  • (4) 20A Fully protected 120V outlets.
  • (1) 30A 120V/240V twist-lock.
  • (1) 10A 12V utility connection for charging a battery or running a verity of 12V devices.
  • Low oil shut-off protects engine. This model also includes an advance oil warning light that warns you of a low oil condition before the unit shuts off due to low oil.
  • Super quiet muffler reduces engine noise. Includes spark arrestor for use in brushy areas.
  • Idle control (Auto Throttle) switch: When the idle control is switched on it automatically lowers the RPM's to an idle when no power is being used.  When power is used it automatically raises the RPM to respond to the load and then lowers it again when the load is removed.  This feature dramatically saves fuel and reduces noise when engaged.

  • Max AC Output: 8500 watts
  • Rated AC Output: 7000 watts
  • Current (120V/240VAC & 12VDC)
  • (4) 120v 20A 3-prong outlets
    • (Standard Household plug)
  • (1) 120v/240v 30A twist lock
    • (NEMA L14-30 3 Pole 4 Wire)
  • (1) 10A 12V utility connection.
  • Amps: 58.4A/29.2A
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 7.0 gal
  • 16 Hp air cooled engine.
  • Low oil shutoff w/ advance warning light.
  • EPA & CARB approved engines.
  • Super quiet exhaust w/ built-in spark arrestor.
  • Electric Key & EZ-Pull Recoil start.
  • RV/Equipment switch: Increases Amperage for large 120 volt loads.
  • Noise level: 72 Decibel with a load. 41 Decibel with idle control engaged and no load.
  • Run-Time [ @ 50% Maximum Output ]: 8.0 hrs. This can be greatly increased with intermittent loads and the use of the idle control.

  • Extra large 10-1/2" all-terrain never flat tires.
  • Flip-Up stow away Handles.
  • Spark plug wrench.
  • Electric Starter & Battery.
  • All new high impact interior/exterior packaging insures your generator will get to you in 100% factory perfect condition.

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April 5th, 2016


Purchased several years ago for emergency power. I've used it here and there for portable power. This past weekend used it for the 1st time as an emergency generator. Filled it and it ran 9hours on 1/2 tank of fuel under load. I'm not kidding, 9hours. Super quiet and loads of power. Great investment
Wauregan Ct
March 11th, 2015

looks good

unit looks good .started right up .no problems so far. haven't put any hours on it yet. shipping and receiving process was very good. no damage in shipping that's always a plus.
t mc
January 8th, 2015

What a beast

The generator showed up on time but the truck could not get to my house because of the location. No problem neighbor helped get it to the house. Wheel kit on, oil in, gas in and it started right up. I put a load of a couple of electric heaters on it for a little bit then freezer and fridge. Never missed a beat. Great machine and can't wait for the power to go out for the real test. Only con is that it is not Propane but I can live with that. Thank you GFO for such a great product.
Len T
October 23rd, 2014

Great generator. Great price.

Great unit. Started right up. The only issue was that fed x called to say they were going to deliver it but I needed to unload it off the truck. I told them it was a residence and I had no way to lift the 220 pound pallet off the truck. They then said they would call the company and then get a lift gate truck to deliver it. They did the next day and the excellent driver used his pallet jack and put it in my driveway. Other than that this is a great unit from a great company.
June 19th, 2014

Nice power house

Well I must say, this thing is a beast. I own a house with a 200 amp service,everything is electric. Well pump,septic pump, hot water tank, two refrigerators, computers and many more. The only thing it couldn't run was my electric furnace. If it was cold I would just make a fire. Electric start is great for my wife and kids. Starts every time and runtime on a tank with medium load will last all night. Highly recommended.
October 28th, 2013

Generator Still Works Good After Almost 3 Years

The DuroMax 8500 Watt 16.0 Hp Gas Generator w/ Elect Start & Solid Wheel Kit has been a good generator. I have used it during power outages. I try to run it for 20 to 30 minutes two or three times a month between power outages. I have it hard wired to the house electrical panel with a manual transfer switch.
The generator is housed in a shed with an intake louver and exhaust fan.

June 15th, 2013

Awesome Generator

This is the quietest and easiest to start generator ever. really great.
February 24th, 2013

Good one to look at

I ordered this unit the day of Super Storm Sandy and got it nexrt day, if that is even possible from CA to NJ in one day!!
Put oil in it, and gas, it fired up right away and we didnt turn it off for 14 days, it never gave us a hint of trouble
I would suggest to order it NOW, if your in the market, because waiting until you need it is Silly/stupid, and I would know.
February 12th, 2013

Awesome Generator...Love it!!!

Bought it after Irene and ran it for 7 days during Sandy. It did an awesome job. I had a transfer switched installed with 10 breakers, it turned out to be the best thing I did. I was able to run 3/4 of my 2400 Sq foot house. Also the service is great, I called to ask them some questions and they answered them right away.

Thank you Generator Factory Outlet!!

Thank you guys!!
February 12th, 2013

wow this is a great generator

bought it after Hurricane Sandy, Finally got to use it during the snow storm Nemo. No power 2 days. The temps went to 9 degrees. With the generator we had heat, freezer, TV and lights, it was great, price was fantastic. Best thing I did was buy it. Oh yes I also housed a couple relatives during the storm. Live in R.I. South shore.

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    • Item Number: XP8500E
    • Retail Price: $1,399.99

      Our Price: $799.99