Reliance Controls 31406B 31406B Transfer Switch

Reliance 31406B Transfer Switch

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These indoor surface mount transfer switches are designed for fast installation in residential and commercial applications. The 18-inch flexible conduit whip attaches easily to the load center and all wires are clearly marked. Simply select the circuits needed in an emergency and connect them to the Pro/Tran wire leads. Pro/Tran transfer switches feature a rugged powder-coated steel cabinet with six combination 1/2-inch and 3/4-inch knockouts, resettable branch rated circuit breakers and non-defeatable (break-before-make) double-throw switches. Some models feature exclusive Reliance wattmeters with accuracy of ± 3% throughout the entire range. All Pro/Tran models with the suffix "A", plus the 30508B, include a separate flanged inlet for direct generator connection in a dry location. It is recommended that all manual transfer switches installed indoors be used with an appropriate power inlet box. All other Pro/Tran models are intended for hardwire installation to a power inlet box, but include a covered opening to accommodate a power inlet for installation in a dry location. A wattmeter panel (WP7500) is available for all models without meters (except models 31406B and 30114A). The wattmeter panel includes an opening, with cover, for an optional power inlet.


  • Max. Generator Running Watts: 7500
  • Phase: Single
  • Max. Single-Pole Circuits: 6
  • Max. Double-Pole Circuits: 1
  • Max. Combined Load @ 125 VAC: 60
  • Max. Combined Load @ 250 VAC: 30
  • 15 AMP Single Pole Circuit Breakers: 4
  • 20 AMP Single Pole Circuit Breakers: 2
  • Conduit Size (inches): 3/4
  • Wattmeters: No
  • Cabinet Type: Indoor
  • Dimensions (H"x W"x D"): 7.5 x 7 x 4.5 inches

What's in The Box

  • Transfer Switch
  • Owner’s Manual


  • 1-Year Limited Factory Warranty
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guaranteed
Sku 31406B
Brand Reliance Controls
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December 2nd, 2015

good product

the product is fine
January 14th, 2015

Correct product for my needs

This transfer switch was perfect for me as I had most all the accessories that is needed for the complete installation, and at a good price also.
Bob M
August 19th, 2014

Great price

I had to find an installation video on YouTube before I was totally comfortable as a non-electrician in taking on the project. The actual installation of the wiring and so forth doesn't take that long but I wanted to hide the flex-tube behind the wall so it took a half day to complete.
Southern IL
January 26th, 2014

Good Product

IF you know what you're doing, this is a fine product. I'm very impressed with the quality of the product and the company's instructional video.
North Carolina
December 31st, 2013

Ice Storm of 2013- Blue Hill, Maine

Maybe I had a premonition of what was about to occur. I went online and researched transfer switches and even watched a YouTube video on how to install the Reliance. This company shipped mine promptly and I installed it on a Saturday. On Sunday morning I made the last connections to the outdoor power inlet but I hadn't tested it yet. That evening the power went out and stayed out for the next 7 days. We got to give the switch a thorough test. We appreciated the versatility of being able to choose which cicuits we wanted to power.
cousin phil

    5 Item(s)

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    • Item Number: 31406B
    • Retail Price: $262.99

      Our Price: $169.99